A Gift Rescued Gives Back

I saw the email and was drawn to get in my car and see these babies ,only weanlings, on their way to the slaughter house from Premarin farms, as “baby” horse meat is sought after in some parts of the world.Aspen Valley Horse Rescue had shipped them to our valley in hope of adoptions to…

Horseback Ride For The Cure

Horse Back Ride for the Cure. Carol Dopkin Real Estate takes 8 riders on Carol’s fabulous horses! Riders and their mounts:  Carol Dopkin on Ole’;   JoJo Rafferty on Tommy;   Mark Brown on Monty; Lloyd Miler on Paul;   Kim Pietrie on Sonny;   Caryn Scheidt on Fancy;   Cindy Bourland on Cinnamon  and Polly Ross on Astrid.